Hot off the presses! 

We've been fortunate over the past few weeks to have some great coverage about Marathon Health and our clients featured in several prominent publications, including Employee Benefit News and HRO Today.

The coverage we're garnering is a testament to the work work we're doing to reduce employer costs and change the way employees experience healthcare. We always appreciate these opportunities to share our mission with a wider audience. 

Below is a list links to recent stories as well as excerpts for your reading pleasure.


- 4 ways employers can motivate employees to lose weight

Employee Benefits News


"3. Work the buddy system. There is power in numbers — and groups can add to both the fun and accountability. Create a community where employees can find a friend or co-worker to partner with as they tackle the challenges of healthy eating and exercising. Consider coordinating fun workplace initiatives such as a walking or running group, a team weight maintenance program during the holidays, signing up a team for a recreation league or inviting local health and wellness professionals to host workshops and cooking demos."


- An effective EHR needs these 4 elements

The Doctor Weighs In

"Include a patient wellness score that provides a quick snapshot of the most at-risk patients. For example, my EHR uses a 100-point risk quantification methodology to stratify the health center’s population and provide each participant with a “Wellness Scorecard.” The scorecard provides personalized wellness initiatives and instructions, health improvement plans, as well as fitness and nutrition trackers. This is an important aspect of maintaining sustainable health improvement: Giving patients access to the education they need to make lifestyle changes."

Wellness on water

HRO Today

"It was Virgil who famously said “The greatest wealth is health,” and with the spike in employee health and wellness offerings it seems that many employers agree. One such employer is Carnival Cruise Line. The well-known cruise line took their wellness programs up a notch in May 2014, when they partnered with Marathon Health to open the Carnival Care Center: an onsite clinic and wellness center for employees at their Miami, Fla. Headquarters.“[The medical center] was an expression of Carnival’s commitment to wellness and really increasing the onsite offerings we have at Carnival. We believe that we are a great place to work, and that helps us lean into so many other levers, and things that we can be doing for our employees to further that journey towards being a great place to work,” says Ron Phillips, Carnival Cruise Lines’ head of HR and chief people officer."




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