Having a routine for your busy lifestyle can be crucial in maintaining organization and your sanity. Taking preventative actions like packing your lunch, making a to-do list, or logging appointments to ensure readiness for the day ahead are all common practices for success in the workplace and in life. In most cases, the instances where we don’t prepare or establish routine can often lead to consequences – missing an important deadline, running late for work, making an unhealthy meal choice, etc.

common-health-concernsBe proactive about common health concerns with regular check-ups


The same is true in health. Establishing routine visits with your provider or health coach not only helps to maintain wellness goals, but can have a huge impact on avoiding common health concerns.

Understanding the symptoms or health risks of the individual is a great first step in guiding the frequency and type of exams necessary for preventing serious health issues. This is especially true for high-risk patients who may suffer from symptoms associated with diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other chronic conditions. An initial biometric screening, comprehensive health review, and physical screening will help to establish a baseline of health, while annual check-ups will allow for a full evaluation of changes, improvements, or warning signs.

Additional check-ups specific to managing chronic conditions or maintaining wellness goals are equally as beneficial in ensuring the patient is at the standard of care for their condition and is successful in achieving a healthy lifestyle. Such screenings or exams allow for targeted evaluation and an ongoing dialogue between the patient and health coach or provider. New or alarming symptoms are more easily detected and wellness strategies can be adjusted accordingly.

Stay up-to-date

Patients with good intensions of making regular appointments can benefit from regular outreach and reminders from their provider. Email, phone calls, and flyers are all great tools to ensure that maintaining routine appointments is top of mind. For the patient – notifying your provider upon onset of concerning symptoms between appointments will also provide beneficial and possibly lifesaving results.

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