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Jay Blanchard

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Worksite Wellness Programs That Will Unite Your Organization

Culture and work-life balance are increasingly important to the workforce. Employees are drawn to companies that share their values and ideals.

What You Need to Know About Standing Desk Ergonomics

Standing desk ergonomics have gained popularity lately, with both employees and health professionals touting the many benefits of getting out of your chair. Are standing desks the miracle that their supporters think they are, or just another fad? In this article, we’ll look at both the pros and cons of sitting and standing desks, as well as a third option that might combine the best of both worlds.

The Benefits of Employee Health Screenings

Building a culture of health across your organization can be a daunting challenge. Before you can even begin to reduce the major health risks in your employee population, you have to identify them first. This involves finding methods to engage your employees to actively participate in their own healthcare.

Reducing Health Risk is More Straight-Forward Than You Think

Identifying and controlling risk in an organization takes many forms, from developing talent retention strategies to following ISO 31000 standards. As healthcare costs continue to rise and nationwide healthcare initiatives face an uncertain future, reducing health risk amongst employee populations is becoming an increasingly important focus for executives and risk managers at organizations of all sizes.

How to Navigate the Wide Array of Onsite Health Solutions

Ok, you’ve done your research and you’ve discovered the benefits of implementing an onsite health center for your organization: they’re a common factor linking 43 of Fortune Magazine’s latest Best Places to Work; they are one of the most popular employer-provided benefits cited amongst workers and their families; and they not only help keep employees (and their families) healthy and productive, they also create a substantial return on investment for employers through redirected claims savings and decreased absentee/presenteeism.

Do Employees Prefer an Onsite Clinic as a Health Benefit Package?

In previous blog posts, we’ve explored the numerous benefits that employers receive from implementing onsite or near-site health and wellness clinics--but what do their employees feel about them?

Ideas for Improving Employee Mental Health Business-Wide

You may have developed a health and wellness program at your organization to help employees maximize their physical health. But does your program have a mental health component?

Is It Time To Take Another Look at Employee Health Benefits?

With the cost of traditional healthcare plans on the rise, HR leaders and benefits buyers are re-evaluating their employee health benefit options, with many employers moving to defined contribution plans. Like any benefit change, moving to a new plan can be daunting, but with proper research and communication the transition can be made with little difficulty and can benefit both employers and employees.