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[Download] The Impact of Population Health Management on Physical Health

Unhealthy employees are expensive.

City of Fort Collins Wins Governor's Wellness Award!

Congratulations to our partners the City of Fort Collins for winning the 2017 Governor’s Award for Worksite Wellness! 

Marathon Health Featured on!

We've made it to the big stage.

Is Your Company a Good Fit For Onsite Wellness?

Employers may believe that covering their workers with a comprehensive benefit plan is like trying to keep warm under a blanket that’s just too small. Pull it up to your chin, and your toes stick out. Tuck it under your feet, and your shoulders get cold. You can keep tugging at the edges, but there’s a limit to how much it can stretch.

The Benefits of Employee Health Screenings

Building a culture of health across your organization can be a daunting challenge. Before you can even begin to reduce the major health risks in your employee population, you have to identify them first. This involves finding methods to engage your employees to actively participate in their own healthcare.

Marathon Health Again Named One of Best Places to Work in Vermont

For the second year in a row, Marathon Health has the distinction of being named one of Vermont Business Magazine's Best Places to work in Vermont! 

Key Attributes of a Successful Onsite Health Center

Operating an onsite health center is a significant investment so it’s vital to make sure you have the right structure in place to ensure its success. We’ve been operating onsite health centers for more than a decade, and along the way have learned what elements are necessary to guarantee risk reductions, cost savings, and employee satisfaction.

Engagement and The Benefits of Subcultures

A 2015 Mercer survey of employers with worksite health clinics revealed that the predominant reasons employers invest in onsite healthcare are cost savings, productivity, and leadership image. Yet, the most-cited measurement in determining success is actually engagement. Workforce engagement remains at the forefront because it fuels clinics' inherent ability to capture savings and improve health, and these outcomes are primarily realized when the center is well-utilized.  From there, the other benefits follow.