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Why You Should Aim To Be One of The Best Companies To Work For

We have a national obsession with lists. Maybe it’s our short attention span or the information overload we’re faced with every day: we’re much more likely to click on a “top 10” list than an in-depth article. 

Perhaps that’s why businesses are clamoring to show up on lists like “Best Places to Work” and “Most Innovative Companies.”

Workplace Wellness Ideas That Go Beyond Physical Health

Total health is about more than physical fitness. Mental and emotional health are just as important as being physically fit – in fact, mental and emotional wellness impacts an individual’s physical health. And it goes beyond the simple equation of stress equals high blood pressure – we make healthier choices when we are emotionally secure and mentally fit.

PC Construction and Marathon Health Featured in Contractor Magazine

Please enjoy this article from the Associated Contractors of Vermont's industry magazine. It's a profile of PC Construction and the partnership we have with them.

Mitigating Health Risk Can Keep Healthcare Claims Low

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that 86% of healthcare costs can be attributed to treatment for chronic disease. A recent study by the CDC also indicates that costs associated with absenteeism among employees struggling with health risks or chronic disease average $12-$81 per employee per year for small businesses and $17-$286 per employee per year for large businesses.

Why I Joined Marathon Health

New White Paper: Population Health Management 2.0

There are a variety of programs companies can opt for when it comes to bringing onsite health services to the workplace. Occupational health, wellness initiatives such as blood pressure checks and weight loss programs, and acute care are just a few of the options that can be made available to employees at work.

Best Stretches to Do at Work Without Leaving Your Desk

As we’ve discussed in prior posts, desk ergonomics, including the standing desk, are one of the more popular methods of getting people out of their chairs and avoiding the very real dangers of sitting all day. Those dangers include organ disease, muscle degeneration, and leg disorders.

Marathon Health Named Fastest Growing Business in Vermont!

We are very excited to annouce that Marathon Health was named the fastest growing business in Vermont over the past five years by Vermont Business Magazine at its awards ceremony held this week in Burlington. Marathon Health achieved a 900% growth rate in this time period. Each year, Vermont Business Magazine recognizes businesses in five categories –employee owned, manufacturing, services, technology, and wholesale businesses. Marathon Health was first in the services category as well as all other categories to be the top growth company in the state.