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Are Poor Benefits Keeping You from Retaining Top Talent?

Retaining top talent is one of the highest priorities, and greatest challenges, for the leadership and Human Resources departments of companies across America. Not only does employee retention affect customer satisfaction, sales, employee satisfaction rates and succession planning, it also has a direct impact on the bottom line: it is estimated that losing a middle manager costs an organization upwards of 100% of his/her salary, while the cost of losing a senior executive can be more than double their salary.

Key Attributes of Successful Health Benefit Plans

In an era of ever-increasing healthcare costs and a constantly expanding array of available plan options, choosing a health insurance plan for your company is becoming an incredibly challenging exercise for human resource teams and senior executives.

Reasons Why Healthy Employees are the Best Employees

Business executives and managers are missing out if they look at worksite health and wellness programs only as opportunities for medical cost savings.

Collaborative solutions to healthcare needs

A key differentiator of our customer experience is our ongoing efforts to bring customers together to share knowledge, experience and cultures. Marathon Health hosts an annual Customer Forum, giving our customers (from a wide range of industries across the nation) an opportunity to share best practices and build a community of innovative professionals dedicated to helping employees and their families experience their very best health and well-being. The Customer Forum includes presentations by customers, industry leaders and guest speakers, as well as interactive forums and networking sessions. Amd we have fun doing it. Check out this video below to see what it's about.

A Modern Take on Workforce Health and Well-being

On-site workforce health centers are quickly becoming the solution that many insurance brokers and consultants are turning to in order to help their clients increase the productivity, health, and retention of their employees, while at the same time reducing healthcare claims and direct costs.

What is the True ROI on Corporate Wellness Programs?

In an age of ever-increasing healthcare costs, the value of a healthy workforce is clear to all employers. However, many companies find challenges in determining the return on investment (ROI) involved with implementing a corporate wellness programs at their onsite health centers.

Should Shareholders Have a Stake in Corporate Responsibility?

The “three pillars of sustainability”—people, place, and profit—are a broad framework many business are adopting for evaluating business performance in place of singular focus on maximizing revenue. The notion of a triple bottom line recognizes the impact of businesses on people (employees, stakeholders, communities), the environment, and the economy.

Healthy Like Me in the News!

There's a nice feature about our Healthy Like Me Program in the latest issue of Corporate Wellness Magazine.

Wellness and Health In Relation to Overall Employee Performance

“Health and wellness” is becoming a commonly-heard phrase at businesses and organizations--and for good reason.  As healthcare premium costs continue to escalate for employers, many companies are becoming increasingly interested in preventive care, specifically through implementing onsite health centers.  Marathon Health’s onsite centers can help increase revenue by improving health and wellness and, as a result, drastically decreasing the financial drain of employees who are frequently absent or less-productive due to preventable chronic health conditions.

The Big Picture of Office Wellness & Creating Healthy Communities

When creating healthy communities, a good place to start is fostering a culture of health at your workplace. Here are some important elements to keep in mind for a successful onsite clinic that centers around the development of a wellness culture: