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Mitigating Health Risk Can Keep Healthcare Claims Low

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that 86% of healthcare costs can be attributed to treatment for chronic disease. A recent study by the CDC also indicates that costs associated with absenteeism among employees struggling with health risks or chronic disease average $12-$81 per employee per year for small businesses and $17-$286 per employee per year for large businesses.

Why I Joined Marathon Health

New White Paper: Population Health Management 2.0

There are a variety of programs companies can opt for when it comes to bringing onsite health services to the workplace. Occupational health, wellness initiatives such as blood pressure checks and weight loss programs, and acute care are just a few of the options that can be made available to employees at work.

Best Stretches to Do at Work Without Leaving Your Desk

As we’ve discussed in prior posts, desk ergonomics, including the standing desk, are one of the more popular methods of getting people out of their chairs and avoiding the very real dangers of sitting all day. Those dangers include organ disease, muscle degeneration, and leg disorders.

Marathon Health Named Fastest Growing Business in Vermont!

We are very excited to annouce that Marathon Health was named the fastest growing business in Vermont over the past five years by Vermont Business Magazine at its awards ceremony held this week in Burlington. Marathon Health achieved a 900% growth rate in this time period. Each year, Vermont Business Magazine recognizes businesses in five categories –employee owned, manufacturing, services, technology, and wholesale businesses. Marathon Health was first in the services category as well as all other categories to be the top growth company in the state.

Five Workplace Wellness Ideas You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Wellness programs in the workplace are a must-have for companies that want to help employees become healthier. Walking programs are nearly omnipresent and while it is fun to track your steps and challenge your colleagues, participation and enthusiasm for standard programming can wane over time. Wellness is about more than walking, after all, so for those looking for some new wellness ideas, try some of these creative programs. You might find these wellness ideas will have a positive effect on morale, too.

Marathon Health on E-Health Radio

Here's a terrific interview with Marathon Health National Director of Health Coaching Mary Meyer. Mary is very insightful as she shares what makes the Marathon Health coaching model different, and how our clinicians are able to change lives.

Health infusion: Customer Forum 2016

Customer Forum 2016 is in the books. Fascinating keynote speeches, informative strategy sessions, networking opportunities, and, as you can see, fun and challenging activities. Can't wait for what next year holds!

4 Companies Investing in Onsite Medical Services to Attract Top Talent

In a competitive labor market, employers are trying to reach candidates with the message that their organization is a great place to work. Touting a thriving corporate culture, flexible schedules, casual Fridays, open-door management styles, and other perks may entice candidates, but how can you really convince them that your organization places a premium on its employees?