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How to Promote Effective Employee Health and Wellness

Long gone are the days where health promotion consisted solely of employee cafeteria walls covered in posters for weight loss contests and blood pressure checks. An effective health promotion program is multi-faceted and tailored to your employees’ needs. Here are some points to help keep your employees healthy consistently.

Improving Employee Satisfaction with Fitness Programs

Many executives know that happy employees are productive employees. There was a reason Snow White’s staff whistled while they worked, and there is a reason why many modern companies are spending resources on employee lounge spaces with free snacks, large TVs, ping pong tables and other trendy perks.

Reasons to Consider Careers in Health and Wellness

Many clinicians, if not most, choose a career in healthcare for the opportunity to work with and help others. Unfortunately the dynamics of our current fee-for-service healthcare system don’t always allow that to happen. Too often clinicians are met with the burden of seeing a multitude of patients in a day, which prevents them for having the time necessary to get to the root of a health problem and provide guidance for sustainable improvements.

How Investing in Employees Can Scale Your Business

When faced with a mandate to grow their business, many CEOs will first look at ways to increase revenue by cutting costs, and health benefits are often a casualty.

Though it might appear to be a prudent decision, in actuality cutting health benefits will hurt an employer’s bottom line in the long run. The best way to grow a business is establishing programs that help employees develop and achieve their optimal health, which will in turn help retain top talent and pay dividends for years to come. 

Changing Corporate Culture: The Culture Equation

With everyone touting corporate culture as the only truly sustainable competitive advantage, many executives are asking “how do I develop a corporate culture?” The answer is you already have one. But is it the one you want?

How to Navigate the Wide Array of Onsite Health Solutions

Ok, you’ve done your research and you’ve discovered the benefits of implementing an onsite health center for your organization: they’re a common factor linking 43 of Fortune Magazine’s latest Best Places to Work; they are one of the most popular employer-provided benefits cited amongst workers and their families; and they not only help keep employees (and their families) healthy and productive, they also create a substantial return on investment for employers through redirected claims savings and decreased absentee/presenteeism.

The Time is Now for Corporate Wellness Careers

The list of careers in healthcare covers a broad spectrum of fields, roles, responsibilities, experience, and overall fulfillment.

How to Measure the Success of an Employee Wellness Program

Congratulations on implementing an onsite employee wellness program. This is a benefit your employees will tell you is one of the most valuable to them. But now that it’s up and running, you want to be able to measure and report on its success to the C-Suite.

How to Avoid the Very Real Dangers of Sitting All Day

Thirty minutes a day. That’s the magic number. Thirty minutes a day of moderate physical activity is not only the surgeon general’s recommendation, it’s also been shown to be one of the most effective remedies for a number of chronic conditions, including joint pain, depression and diabetes.